Blogging Platform Review - Contribute

We are creating an exhaustive report of every blogging platform that is in active development.

Help needed

This guide lines and below template are not final. If you have 


There are so many options for peole who want to have their own blogging, portfolio or landing site. Choosing the right plaftorm for our particular needs can be so exhausting that many people give up.

Every platform was created out of necessity. Which means each and every one of those platforms are in use. And as users of those platforms, we believe we should report our experiences for other people to make better informed decisions for their next site.


We appreciate every contribution but we would be happier if you submit a report for a platform that is not mentioned in the report page.

You can submit a report for any platform, on GitHub or using email. For email, send your report to using below template. Template is not very strict as it is a guideline.


Funny you ask that :D

It started the moment you read When? title and it will continue till there is no such thing as personal blog/portfolio or landing page.

Email Template

Subject: %Platform_Name% - Blogging Platform Review

# Identifiers


# Opinion based rating
# rate out of 10 points, 1 is terrible and 10 is perfect
# 0 means this feature is not supported.

# Other features

  • For any suggestions to changes of template, create an issue on GitHub
  • If you are reporting an update for a previous report, remember to add asterics (*) in the beginning of a field you updated.
  • Do not report updates for point versions. Editors are volunteers and can't update the report for each and every point release of each and every platform.
  • Under # Other features , you can add a field that is not mentioned before. Please don't add opinion based or advertisement like fields to custom section. For example, speed: slow is an opinion based field and isn't considered as meaningful.
  • report_identifier: can be an email, link to your twitter/mastodon profile or link to your personal website. Objective of this field is to prevent spam. If you want, we can make it visible in report page.


Subject: WordPress - Blogging Platform Review

name: WordPress
version: 5.4.1
type: cms
license: GPLv2

reporter_name: Collaborative Challenges Club Sheriff

# Opinion based rating
plugin_support: 8
comment: 0 # Can be added via plugin
RSS: 0 # via plugin
responsive_page: 9

# Other features
markdown: 8 # :emoji: feature missing
edit_from_mobile: 10
offline_edit: 5 # only on mobile app
Rich_format_text_editor: 10
e-commerce: 9 # via plugin


This article was updated on May 22, 2020